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Power Window Problems? How long have you been experiencing a power window that only works some of the time or – even worse – not at all? Have you been afraid that your mechanic will just start throwing parts on your car, “hoping” to fix the problem? Then call us. We will find the problem quickly, and we will install the right part the first time, saving you time and money. Door Lock Dead?Maybe your power door locks have started acting up. Do they stop working when it is cold outside? Do you have a door lock that seems sluggish and seems like it is going to stop working any day? Does your keyless entry system only work on occasion? .

Here are some of the reasons to choose us:
  • We are a dealer-level facility for several major vehicle brands, and we use the same diagnostic computers as the ones used at a new car dealer.
  • Our technicians are expertly trained to diagnose and fix electrical problems. Period. This means we find the problem faster, saving you money in labor.
  • Since we actually diagnose the problem before throwing parts at it, you only buy the parts that were broken. Again, we save you money.
  • Our technicians are Mobile Electronics Certified Program (MECP) certified, the industry standard for electronics in a vehicle.
  • Audioman inventories popular items that commonly fail, to keep your vehicle’s time in our bay as short as possible.
  • We get referrals from dealers and mechanics all the time. If they trust us, so can you.

Trust The Electrical Experts To Fix Your Windows And Locks. When you are ready to get your power windows or power door locks fixed, we invite you to stop by. Our team will get to know you better, understand your problem and get your vehicle back in proper working order.