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AudioMan ICE Remote Start Commercial
Audioman Of Binghamton NY
 * Some vehicles require additional parts and labor. Please call for your specific vehicle.
*In most cases only 1 valid vehicle key will be required for installation. 
*In most cases prices include all modules.
* Manual Transmission $399.99
*Buy any remote car starter and get Heated Wiper Fluid for $99.99!
Add Handsfree keyless entry to select Compustar systems!
CompuStar has launched EZ-GO a mini keyless entry transmitter that automatically unlocks your doors when it comes within three feet of your car.
Users place the small quarter-sized device on a key chain or in a pocket and it eliminates the need to press lock or unlock on a CompuStar remote starter or Drone Mobile (smartphone based) remote starter app.
The device is particularly useful to owners  because it eliminates the need to reach into a pocket and pull out a key or  phone, launch an app and wait. 
$199.99 Installed. 1 button. 800 FT.
Add $49.99 to Accept Drone & Upgradeable. RF-1BAM.
$249.99 Installed.With Alarm $349.99
4 Button. 1000 FT.

$299.99 Installed. With Alarm $399.99
1 Way. 1000 FT. Upgradeable.

 View the Drone Mobile Demo below.
$349.99 Installed.
Unlimited Range. Add Remote Starter & Unlock $149.99

     $349.99 Installed. 1 Way.
           2000 Ft. Accepts Drone. Upgradeable.   
$399.99 Installed. With Alarm $499.99
1 Way 3000 Ft. Accepts Drone. Upgradeable.
$449.99 Installed With alarm $549.99
2 way. 3000 Ft. Accepts Drone. Upgradeable.
$449.99 Installed Alarm / Remote Start.
2 Way Alarm / Remote Start.
1500 Ft. Non Upgradeable. 
$349.99 Installed. With Alarm $449.99
 2 Way. 1500 Ft. Accepts Drone. Upgradeable.
$499.99 Installed. With Alarm $599.99
1 Mile. Accepts Drone. Upgradeable. 
 $699.99 Installed. With Alarm $849.99
 1 Mile Accepts Drone. Upgradeable.
 European models, hybrid, intelli-key, push button start, tip start, manual transmissions some Ford with 80 bit key, Subaru models & Toyota with "G" stamped on the metal key require additional parts & labor please call for a quote.