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AudioMan ICE Remote Start Commercial
Audioman Of Binghamton NY
 * Some vehicles require additional parts and labor. Please call for your specific vehicle.
*In most cases only 1 valid vehicle key will be required for installation. 
*In most cases prices include all modules.
* Manual Transmission $399.99
*Buy any remote car starter and get Heated Wiper Fluid for $99.99!
Add Handsfree keyless entry to select Compustar systems!
CompuStar has launched EZ-GO a mini keyless entry transmitter that automatically unlocks your doors when it comes within three feet of your car.
Users place the small quarter-sized device on a key chain or in a pocket and it eliminates the need to press lock or unlock on a CompuStar remote starter or Drone Mobile (smartphone based) remote starter app.
The device is particularly useful to owners  because it eliminates the need to reach into a pocket and pull out a key or  phone, launch an app and wait. 
$199.99 Installed. 1 button. 800 FT.

$249.99 Installed.With Alarm $349.99
4 Button. 1000 FT.

Our Most Popular 2-Way System
The 2-WAY G9 Remote Start System has been one of Compustar's most popular remote starters because it adds premium features to your vehicle, but at entry level prices.
The 2-WAY G9 remote provides simple LED and audible confirmation whenever you successfully remote start or secure your car. Equipped with 3000 feet of range, you'll almost always be within range to remote start your car.
 View the Drone Mobile Demo below.
Add Drone to any remote start for $199.99 Installed!

 Slice JR.
     $299.99 Installed. 2Way.
           2000 Ft. Accepts Drone. Upgradeable.   

It's Finally Here!
For years, Compustar has worked to refine its 2-way command confirmation technology. The new 2-Way Slice JR ushers in that next era of Compustar remote starters.
Last year, Compustar released the Slice Remote Starter, which featured a sleek, clean design. The new 2-Way Slice JR compacts the same features of the original Slice into a smaller package with a single button for ultimate convenience!
$449.99 Installed Alarm / Remote Start.
2 Way Alarm / Remote Start.
1500 Ft. Non Upgradeable. 
$349.99 Installed. With Alarm $449.99
 2 Way. 1500 Ft. Accepts Drone. Upgradeable.
$499.99 Installed. With Alarm $599.99
1 Mile. Accepts Drone. Upgradeable. 
 $499.99 Installed. With Alarm $599.99
 1 Mile Accepts Drone. Upgradeable.
 European models, hybrid, intelli-key, push button start, tip start, manual transmissions some Ford with 80 bit key, Subaru models & Toyota with "G" stamped on the metal key require additional parts & labor please call for a quote.