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Audiovox Rear View Camera and Sensor Systems
Back Up Camera
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Do you live in a state such as California, New York, Maryland or New Jersey  where using a handheld cellular device is banned while driving? Are you the parent of a teenage driver that you want to focus on the road more than their phone? Avoid getting a ticket or into a costly accident because of your state's hands-free driving law.

Back Up Camera.
Also available in bar or plate style.
Starting at $99.99 Installation varies.
Audiovox has been a leader in mobile solutions for more than 40 years so take our advice and install this wired back-up camera to your vehicle. It is powered by your back-up lights and has a 130 degree wide angle to help assist you in seeing what lies be
  • Camera power supplied by back-up lights for easy installation
  • Includes a surface mounting bracket for more installation options
  • Compatible with any monitor with a standard RCA video input
  • Selectable normal or mirror image view for multiple mounting options (front or rear)
  • Weather resistant camera housing - IP66 tested and certified
Also available with compass, temperature & auto dimming.
Starting at $99.99
Replacement rear view mirror with embedded 4" LED backlit digital monitor
  • OEM style replacement rear view mirror fits Ford, GM, Chrysler/Jeep mounts and includes adapters for Toyota and Honda vehicles
  • 2nd camera input or dual input for reverse camera continuous monitoring
  • Contrast, brightness, volume, and mirror/normal monitor mounted controls
  • Selectable alignment overlay lines
  • Brightness auto-adjusting monitor based on the vehicle interior light level
$89.99 Installation extra.
Parking sensor system add on for any vehicle
Let our parking sensor system help detect what you can't see when backing up your vehicle. This detection system works in all weather conditions with ultrasonic technology to alert you with a beeping tone when you are with just 6 feet from a person or object The heavy duty chrome bar houses 3 ultrasonic sensors which can be mounted below, above or on the license as well as mounted on or below the bumper.
  • 3 parking sensors give full range detection up to 6 feet behind the vehicle
  • Heavy duty chrome bar mounts below or on the bumper, or below, above or on the license plate
  • Includes mounting brackets and hardware
  • Automatically activates when vehicle is put into reverse
  • Audible warning beeps faster as you get closer to the obstacle
Wireless vehicle rear observation system
$129.99 Installation extra.
Back-up safety...avoid injury to a family member or pet, and even damage to your vehicle, with this safety-first convenience product.
  • Camera, monitor and all required items to install are included
  • 2.4 GHz wireless transmitter eliminates the need to run wires through the vehicle
  • Automatically turns on when the vehicle is put into reverse
  • 110 degree wide angle camera