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Oil Change & Filter

Lubricating oil in the engine provides this vital service, but over time that oil breaks down and becomes contaminated with dust, dirt and debris from your engine as well as the environment.

Synthetic Blend

Recommended for most vehicles up to 10 years old or if manufacturer suggested.

Full Synthetic

Recommended for most vehicles with fewer than 75,000 miles or under 10 years old.

Large Engines (7+)

This includes larger vehicles that require at least 7 quarts of fresh Oil and a new filter 

What’s included:

  • Up to 5 quarts of oil and standard oil filter

  • Lubrication of the chassis if necessary

  • Complimentary tire inflation to recommended PSI

  • Visual check of fluids, air filter, wiper blades, belts, and tires

What are the benefits of an oil change?

We can consider everything, from climate, to your vehicle and mileage, to the way you drive, before recommending which oil is right for your car.

Oil change benefits include:

  • Cleaner engine

  • Longer engine life

  • Lower vehicle emissions

  • Better gas mileage

  • Better engine performance