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There are 2 types of door lock systems. Rod style linkage, and cable actuated linkage. We replace faulty or broken windows and locks at low prices

If a motor or actuator needs replacement, our certified technicians can easily replace it for you and get you on your way. You can rest assured you’ll get only the finest quality parts for your repair. The next time you find yourself with a little power window or lock problem, simply give us a call and we’ll schedule an appointment.

Feel free to Stop in for quick services.

Power Window & Lock Repair

The trained, experienced technicians of Audioman can diagnose and safely repair your car’s power equipment problems at Main Street Location.

We repair broken or malfunctioning power windows and locks. Our technicians maintain electrical systems and lock systems for cars, vans, SUVs and light trucks, foreign and domestic. Sometimes there is a simple and easy-to-fix problem, such as dirty contacts or a faulty switch. We will try to save you money every step of the way. 

Replacement Procedure

  • Locate the door with the faulty power window switch.

Take out the switch base or cluster and remove the harness from the switch.

  • Pry locking tabs.

Pry and Pull out the switch from the base or cluster. 

  • Remove electrical cleaner and clean out the harness.

This removes any moisture and debris to create a complete connection.

  • Put new power window switch into the door lock cluster.

Locking tabs snap onto the power window switch keeping it secured.

  • Connect harness to the power window base or cluster.

Attach the power window base or cluster into the door panel. 

  • Install the door panel onto the door.

Slide the door panel, Snap all of the door tabs, reinstall nuts and bolts, reconnect the door latch cables, reinstall speakers

  • Install the inner door handle.

Secure door handle to the door panel. Snap the screw cover in place.

  • Reconnect the ground cable back onto the battery’s negative post. 

Tighten the battery clamp. Ensure that the connection is good.

  • Test power window switches