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Starters are used to jumpstart your vehicle. Alternators are used to charge the Battery as you drive. Keep your vehicle running smoothly with a new starter or alternator from Audioman.

Alternators & Starters

The process of troubleshooting a starter motor and solenoid combo can quickly become a tiresome task. Let Audioman of Binghamton take the stress of figuring out the problem and provide a quality service for your problem. There are also a few mechanical issues that can arise with a starter motor that would cause it to fail. Our technicians are expert with discovering the issue and finding the best long term solution. Plus, we provide Towing to the shop for service. So if you can’t get your vehicle fired up, give us a ring and we’ll get you back on the road.


An automotive charging system is made up of three major components: the battery, the voltage regulator and an alternator. The alternator works with the battery to generate power for the electrical components of a vehicle, like the interior and exterior lights, and the instrument panel. An alternator gets its name from the term alternating current (AC).

A bad alternator could be the cause of your dead battery.This causes you to constantly jump you battery. The alternator provides electricity to various components like your dashboard lights and air conditioner. Any extra power created by the alternator gets stored in the car's battery for later use. Bring your car or truck to Audioman on Main St. in Binghamton NY for alternator replacement that you can trust.


There are two devices which start the engine, the Starter Motor and the Solenoid. The solenoid is most commonly attached to the starter. These two devices in conjunction provide a jolt of electricity from your battery to make the engine to “turn over”. If your car tries to start, but can’t quite get the job done, it could possibly be the starter seeing some trouble. There are generally only a few things that can lead to a starter motor misbehaving.

Weak Battery: Your car may make a rapid clicking noise, or just never quite get started.A Weak or undercharged battery cannot provide the starter with enough electricity to turn the engine over.

Bad Wiring: Time and heat can take the worst toll on basic electrical components. A simple process of replacing some wiring can be all that’s required, or complete component replacement.