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Getting a transmission fluid change and transmission flush is important maintenance for your vehicle's health. This helps your car run stronger and longer.

Transmission Services

Your transmission is one of the most crucial components in the operation of your vehicle. Proper maintenance is required for a safety of your car Transmission problems usually cause violent grinding noises, gear slipping, hard shifting, and other serious interruptions to your driving.


Our technicians can perform a thorough transmission fluid flush and ensure that your transmission will continue to run safely and efficiently. 

The transmission is an intricate component of gears and sensors that acts as a bridge between your engine and your wheels. The transmission ensures that the energy provided by the engine travels smoothly to the tires, providing better, safer control for the driver. Transmissions generate a lot of heat. Transmission fluid keeps your transmission from getting too hot and sustaining damage. Over time fluids become less efficient, leaving your transmission more vulnerable to heat damage.


The best way to prevent costly transmission repairs and replacements is to keep your transmission fluid fresh. Audioman can remove your old transmission fluid, perform a complete flush of your transmission system, and install new premium-quality fluid. We use state-of-the-art technology to monitor this process. If your transmission has already sustained damage, we can also provide you with reliable repair and replacement options. Our technicians are ready to remedy your car’s transmission problems and ensure long-lasting, smooth operation for miles and miles to come.

Heat, pressure and friction will slowly break down manual transmission fluid. In addition to the heat and friction, very small particles of metal can wear or chip off the gears and mix with the fluid. Fluids may also become contaminated with water due to condensation within the transmission. Oil and water don't get along. Replacing transmission fluids according to your vehicle manufacturer's recommendations helps extend the life of your transmission, improve your transmission’s performance, keep it shifting smoothly, reduce wear on gears, and minimize your risk of transmission failure and costly repairs. Manufacturers may recommend replacement at regular intervals of time (years) or mileage. Most warranties require maintenance in accordance with the recommended schedule, so having the job done on schedule will help maintain your warranty.